In one of Hungaries most beautiful places, located about 5km from Lake Balaton, there is an old parish giving place to Parókia Coworking, common office and coliving. The Parókia building together with its huge and beautiful garden is located in the centre of a quiet village, Káptalantóti, surrounded by hills in the middle of the Balaton Upland (Balaton felvidék) also known as the Hungarian Tuscany.

The open-floor office space as well as the attached meeting rooms are equipped with all necessities required by any modern office of the 21st century, such as super fast internet connection, large monitors, printer, copier, projector, comfortable desks and chairs as well as a soundproof meeting room. Office work is also possible on the outside patio where the internet connection works with the same speed as inside the building.

On the other half of the building two separate apartments provide comfortable accommodation for 2-3 person per apartment. The common garden is built for you to relax, engage in sporty activities or build nightly bonfires. You can even spice up your cooking with freshly picked spices from outside your apartment window.

The common office is more than coworking and accommodation. It is a real community centre offering various programs, concerts and presentations.

The area is full of beautiful views, the Lake Balaton is only 5km away and with bike you can wander around the hills in the neighbourhood checkered by local wineries.

This is the ideal place for digital nomads and freelancers who wish to work and relax at the same time: active work from morning to afternoon, check in with locals and other co-workers during coffee breaks and following the working hours you can engage yourself with a bycicle tour or even a sup tour on the Lake Balaton. And in the evenings? Let’s taste some outstanding local wine in one of the nearby wineries! Or you rather stay in? We offer after-hours yoga classes. And it is just an ordinary day with us.

Your feedbacks:

’I was twice on Parókia so far, both times for longer periods, mixing work with holidays.

The common office’s equipments and practical spaces offer real office vibes. Freshen up with new colleagues almost every day. Locals, vacationers or nomads, you name it. You can meet anyone and everyone here.

The other one of my favorites is that here you are surrounded with nature. You can even work from under the walnut tree and wherever you look you see the local mountains. Perfect view. After working hours you can plash in the Lake Balaton within 15 minutes.

The concept of Parókia is ’work & living’. For this, beyond the common office, the apartments are simple, airy and homey. Emphasis on homey, because you absulutely can spend more weeks here without any sense of lack.

Ildi and Tamás are very nice and creative hosts which the place reflects 100%. They listen and build up the place continuously to offer an even more paradise-like athmosphere.’

’I came back to this small village twice within a month to work from here and discover the area after. I can tell you with absolute certainity that not for last time. Some come oneself to work a few hours per day or even some full workdays, others bring their child with them. I had the good luck to meet all types of people. Those who work from here form their own little community. The office is basically a quiet workplace. In case anyone has a phone call or a lenghty conversation/meeting, based on their previous agreement they can pick it up at their desks or engage a smaller room or can even go outside.

The office is pet friendly: you can often see a friendly dog inside or a purring cat in your lap if you sit in the garden under the walnut tree. Come good weather more people prefer working from outside anyway.

The office’s internet connection is real good, stable and fast. The desks are okay, there are two with adjustable height so one can even work there while standing. There are after-hours programs in the office space, yoga classes, presentation on local history, film club, concert etc.

After work one can switch off. I took my bike in the area but I also got thinking of morning runs because after a good 30-60 minutes morning excercise one just ’mills’ the daily tasks and everything goes just right and quick.

If you can, do not hesitate to try this familiar common office!’

The Parókia coworking and coliving awaits its guests all year round!

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